World Kidney Fund (WKF) is the charitable foundation of the International Society of Nephrology (ISN).

The world leader in helping advance nephrology research and practice, the International Society of Nephrology (ISN) supports more than 100 projects every year. We set out to understand the needs of kidney disease patients in the most underserved parts of the world. We are uniquely placed to design and deliver support as well as specialist training programs for doctors and healthcare workers often operating in very resource-poor conditions.  

World Kidney Fund generates vital resources to continue giving more training opportunities to more applicants globally. We give you the chance to help fellow physicians, healthcare workers or renal centers gain specific training and access to much-needed medical equipment to deliver the lifesaving specialist care their patients deserve. We guarantee to select the best applicants that will make the most of your donation.

Donate to World Kidney Fund so more young physicians from emerging countries who are caring for kidney disease patients can be trained in giving better diagnoses and carrying out more efficient and tailored treatments to prevent the development of the disease.


World Kidney Fund is dedicated to supporting the advancement of the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of kidney disease around the world.

World Kidney Fund supports the International Society of Nephrology humanitarian projects and initiatives through individual and group donations.


  • World Kidney Fund is committed to excellence in nephrology research, education, and patient care in the developed and developing world

  • World Kidney Fund always acts in a way that is politically neutral, humanitarian, and culturally diverse and transparent

  • World Kidney Fund understands and values the needs of nephrologists and their patients, and is committed to supporting the International Society of Nephrology in achieving optimal standards of kidney care worldwide

  • World Kidney Fund values the synergy between generous benefactors and committed volunteers to achieve a common goal.

The International Society of Nephrology (ISN) is a global not-for-profit society dedicated to improving kidney care and reducing the incidence and impact of kidney disease worldwide.

Through its global network and programs, ISN bridges the developing and developed worlds in a collaborative effort to fight and treat kidney disease worldwide. It does this through concerted initiatives including organizing and managing worldwide capacity-building programs, developing local, regional and global partnerships, publishing and disseminating leading scientific journals, organizing world-renowned events, and providing access to educational and collaborative resources.

<= Watch ISN President Adeera Levin talk about ISN programs and activities.

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