First kidney transplant in Palestine

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ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Program success story

Collaboration leads to transplant hope for kidney patients in Palestine.

Until recently, there were no transplant services available in Gaza. About 500 adult patients and 20 children were on chronic hemodialysis and only those who could afford to travel away could benefit from this treatment.

Change is on the horizon now thanks to the ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Center Program. A partnership between the Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza, Palestine and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital, UK led to the first kidney transplant in the region in January 2013 – giving the Liverpool team the credibility to influence decision makers regarding transplantation in Gaza.

The team just returned from Gaza where three kidney transplants were carried out, including one on a child. This has increased the total to eight transplants, three of them being pediatric. Abdul Hammad from the supporting center in the UK explains that a plasma exchange technician also helped train staff: “We started a Renal IT system, and hopefully once these are installed in every nephrology center in Gaza we can start a Renal Registry, a national transplant waiting list for kidney transplantation.”

“The Clinical Director at the Liverpool Transplant Unit has already initiated direct engagement with the Gaza Ministry of Health, Critical Care Speciality, and Members of the Legislative Council, to build the framework for organ donation,” say ISN-TTS Sister Transplant Center Program Chairs Paul Harden and Jeremy Chapman.

Previously there were high rates of mortality for dialysis patients in Gaza, especially during the war. “These patients may receive what is in many westernized countries a ‘life enhancing operation’, but in Gaza it will undoubtedly be a ‘life-saving operation,“ says Hammad.