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The ISN works to alleviate the growing socio-economic burden of kidney disease through a portfolio of global initiatives to enhance nephrology through education and research. These global initiatives are organized and managed through the ISN Programs, which identify the educational and clinical needs in emerging countries and offer valuable training and educational activities for kidney specialists of all levels.

Fellowship Program

The Fellowship Program helps educate physicians coming from emerging economies, giving them hands-on training opportunities unavailable in their home nations. Fellows are sponsored for a period of 3 to 12 months to train in a developed renal center, after which they return to their home country to implement their knowledge and improve standards of care there.

Sister Renal Center Program (SRC)

The Sister Renal Centers Program (SRC) links renal centers in emerging countries with supporting centers of excellence in the developed world. With this educational support and guidance, self-sufficient renal centers are created in emerging countries. Each year the SRC Program provides funding and education to 50 sister-center pairs.

CME Program

The Continuing Medical Education Program (CME) brings essential teaching and training to some 14,000 doctors in over 40 settings every year. CME meetings take place in the developing world, where expert speakers from the developing and the developed world share their knowledge and experience in clinical care and research.

Educational Ambassadors Program (EAP)

The Educational Ambassadors Program sends experts to developing renal centers for one to four weeks to provide hands-on training or help develop new services, community-based research or screening programs.

Clinical Research Program (CRP)

The Clinical Research Program aims in part to educate people in emerging countries about the importance of having healthy kidneys. Many of the projects funded through the program set up screening and education to raise awareness and improve the understanding of kidney disease



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