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ISN Fellows help kick start Sister Renal Center partnership leading to a recent successful Educational Ambassador visit to Nepal.

Dhiraj Manandhar is based at the Nepal Medical College and Teaching Hospital. Mogammat Razeen Davids now works at Stellenbosch University and Tygenberg Hospital in South Africa.

From opposing sides of the world, they met through the ISN Global Outreach (GO) Programs. Davids, who was an ISN Fellow at the University of Toronto, trained Manandhar.

At the start, little did they know how much being an ISN Fellow would go towards improving nephrology in Nepal. Their collaboration has now opened doors for a great sister center trio partnership and a recent ISN Educational Ambassador Program (EAP) visit, with much more to come.

Looking back at the EAP visit, Manandhar says: “The strength of these training opportunities is that they are interactive and hands-on. We wanted to generate interest in chronic ambulatory peritoneal dialysis as a viable model for renal replacement therapy and initiate work on a renal registry in Nepal.”

He and Davids organized a three-day workshop on water electrolytes and acid-base disorders. Two Continuing Medical Education (CME) courses also focused on establishing a national registry for dialysis and transplantation and promoting peritoneal dialysis. These were held in association with specialists and members from the Nepal Society of Nephrology. Davids explains: “electrolyte and acid-base disorders are diffi cult areas of nephrology. Combining lectures and practical problem solving allows participants to gain the knowledge and develop confi dence to manage these problems effectively.” “In these very interactive sessions, the participants work in small groups and learn to interpret clinical data and blood-urine chemistry to make more accurate diagnoses and plan appropriate therapy,” he adds.

A connection made through one program can lead to another. The Nepal College of Medical Sciences and Technical Hospital built a trio partnership with the Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research in Italy and the BP Koirala Institute of Health Sciences also located in Nepal. The center in Dharan regularly organizes seminars and CMEs to build awareness about kidney disease, prevention and management. Sessions also focus on approaching proteinuria, acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease.

To educate the public, the center worked with a local radio station on a health talk program aired every week in July 2011. Following its popularity, doctors were invited to talk more about kidney disease prevention. Some great initiatives that reveal what ISN membership means, and particularly what ISN GO Programs are all about.