Overcoming Brazil’s renal research challenge

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Brazil still has disparities across its research institutions. 3,000 nephrologists are posted in the South East to service a total population of 200 million. In return, up North this causes a severe imbalance in renal research and care.

According to Thiago Gomes Romano, understanding the patterns, causes and effects of acute kidney injury is crucial in overcoming the country’s challenge with kidney disease.

Through the ISN Fellowship Program Thiago can learn the latest data collection methods from Ravindra Mehta and his team at the University of San Diego.

“From there we can build strategies for prevention and care, and allocate resources accordingly,” he says.

Reinforcing national and international partnerships with universities is the next step in strengthening renal research in Brazil.

Thiago can share this knowledge with colleagues at Faculdade de Medicina do ABC Santo André and Hospital das Clínicas da Universidade de São Paulo, one of the country’s strongest research institutes. He can gradually redress research efforts, offering more equal care to all renal patients in Brazil.

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