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Collaborating to deliver Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) care in low-income countries

 Through Saving Young Lives (SYL), we have joined forces with the International Pediatric Nephrology Association (IPNA), International Society for Peritoneal Dialysis (ISPD) and Sustainable Kidney Care Foundation to educate and train medical communities in low-resource setting about AKI care.

SYL in numbers:

  • Eight sites for treating children
  • Our most successful sites are currently caring for one to three children a month
  • More than 300 patient cases have been recorded so far
  • 70% survival rate for treated patients.


No one should die of AKI by 2025!

In line with the overarching goal of the ISN 0by25 initiative, the SYL partnership aims to develop sustainable programs for treating AKI in sub-Saharan Africa and South East Asia.

SYL works in low-resource medical settings to help establish and maintain AKI care hospitals including facilities for acute peritoneal dialysis (PD).

The project focuses on capacity-building, training and education activities in the community to improve awareness and equip local health practitioners with skills to prevent AKI and identify patient cases needing care.

There are currently 11 centers in sub-Saharan Africa working with SYL.

We need your help to lend support to more sites in these regions, expand our initiative and apply the same model to other continents.


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