Through World Kidney Fund you have the opportunity to contribute to a project of your choosing and follow its evolution. Donating to World Kidney Fund and helping your fellow doctors is simple. Follow the steps below:


Select Your Project

Browse the projects that need funding and choose the one you would like to support.

Make a Donation

Click the DONATE button under the project you chose to make your donation. You are free to choose the amount you want to give. Every contribution is welcomed and valued.

Stay Up To Date

Get updates on the project you donated to. You will be notified of the result of the fundraising for the project you supported. If the project is successfully funded, you will receive periodic updates on its development.

Where Your Money Goes



Your entire donation goes to your chosen project. ISN sponsors all additional operational expenses of any World Kidney Fund project.

We will notify you of the successful completion of the project’s fundraising and you will receive periodic communications regarding the project’s development, achievements and updates.

Please note that donations are not refunded. If the project you supported does not reach the set fundraising goal, we will invest your donation in similar projects (i.e. future application sessions) to allow more participants to start their project. As far as possible, we try to respect your choice by funding similar projects by geographic area, clinical topic, age group, etc.