World Kidney Fund relaunch!

Raising funds for global nephrology

The World Kidney Fund (WKF), ISN’s direct online fundraising platform, was set up in November 2014. It is now relaunching to focus on collecting more donations for specific ISN Programs.

The level and quality of nephrology training varies from country to country, especially in low-to-middle income regions. This affects the kind of treatment patients receive and the impact acute kidney injury and chronic kidney disease have on health systems worldwide.

All profits generated by the ISN are used to support our projects across the developing world. But every year we receive training applications from more high quality candidates than we can afford to fund. This is why the World Kidney Fund was set up.

This initiative gives individual donors the opportunity to help a fellow doctor in the developing world undertake specialist training, enabling them to deliver lifesaving specialist care to their patients.

With a combined population of over 600 million people, patients in developing countries cannot afford renal replacement – resulting in the death of over 1 million people annually from untreated kidney failure.

Over the next few months, WKF will launch the profiles of ISN Fellows looking for sponsorship to specialize in a specific area of nephrology. It is hoped that by highlighting the challenges they face on a daily basis, WKF will help gather enough funding to respond to their needs.

ISN Executive Director Luca Segantini says: “As world leader in advancing the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of kidney disease, ISN is leading the way in understanding the little-researched needs of kidney disease patients in the developing world.”

ISN Programs Chair John Feehally adds: “We are uniquely placed to devise and deliver specialist kidney disease training programs for doctors working in the most challenging conditions imaginable.”