History of the Schrier Fund

Robert Schrier’s dedication to nephrology and education spans several decades.

As ISN President-Elect Robert Schrier, he put forward the proposal for the Commission for the Global Advancement of Nephrology – leading to the ISN Programs we know today.

In 2005, he and his wife Barbara set up the Schrier Family Fund for Global Development in Nephrology to address the alarming impact of kidney disease globally.

They started by generously providing a seed endowment and appealed to the ISN global community to match the amount twice over, and they continued to provide additional contributions over time. 

Over the last ten years, this fund has lent substantial support to ISN’s outreach and capacity building programs in emerging countries, providing more training opportunities for ISN Fellows, ISN Sister Renal Centers partnerships and Continuing Medical Education Programs.

Through the World Kidney Fund, we can continue to support nephrologists worldwide, giving them the training they need in the spirit of Schrier family.

The Schrier Fund is now an integral part of the World Kidney Fund. Dedicated to supporting ISN’s substantial outreach and capacity building programs in emerging countries, it has enhanced opportunities within the ISN Fellowship Program, the ISN Renal Sister Centers and Continuing Medical Education Programs.

By donating today to the World Kidney Fund, you will also contribute to the spirit of the Schrier Fund and help support the development of projects to raise awareness about prevention and stop the progression of renal disease.